Air System Analysis and Optimization

Air System Analysis

Plant Air Audit

We go beyond the components of an air system and find solutions to operating issues every air consumer faces. The problems associated with operating a modern compressed air system are complex and often camouflaged to the untrained eye. Our professional Air Audit can help by addressing the total process of producing compressed air... not just the compressors. It's about looking at compressed air as your fourth utility, and making it as dependable as your electric, water and gas services. A professionally conducted Air Audit will help you define system problems, whether they are in demand, distribution or supply, allowing you to develop cost-efficient solutions that meet your return on investment goals. Our Air Audits help operators optimize their systems, often resulting in turning off compressors!

Optimizing Your System After an Audit

The ability to optimize a compressed air system comes from years of being in the business. Air Compressor Engineering can optimize your system to save you energy costs, reduce maintenance and make your air system more reliable. Optimization involves ensuring that each piece of equipment in the air system is working properly and each component is tuned to work efficiently with all parts of the system.

Download Our Leak Assessment Program PDF for more info.

Leak Assessment Program (667.2 KiB)

Sometimes it's What You Don't Know that Hurts You

Consider the following:

  1. Operating costs of compressed air systems can be reduced by 10-50%of their current levels or more! Compressed air is often one of the biggest users of energy in most plants.)
  2. Productivity can be improved by eliminating such problems caused by compressed air such as poor product quality or reduced plant output due to low air pressure, poor air quality or unreliable operation.
  3. Future capital spending can be cut back by getting the existing system to run more effectively. The truth is that most systems have too much capacity and it’s the lack of information and the lack of an appropriate strategy that forces customers to buy more compressors when problems arise. The problem is overcome with power.

Face it. We're all being squeezed to maximize shareholder value. One of the last places anyone has looked has been their compressed air system. Well, people are looking there now.

In the past, our customers have asked us to build the most reliable, efficient, low maintenance compressed air system components in the industry. We’d like to think we’ve done that. However, it takes more than good componentry to maximize productivity while minimizing operating costs. It takes world class integration. That's where we're going.

Best of all, we can often uncover these lost opportunities without any risk to you with a free feasibility study. Attached is a list of thought provoking questions that are worth taking five minutes to consider. If your company is like most, your answers will reflect that there are significant opportunities in your facility.

Our service capabilities run from simple leak detection to full system audits. Please call if we can answer any questions regarding our services. We hope that we can help you reduce your operating costs and improve productivity.

Useful Questions to Consider

  1. Does your demand for compressed air change throughout the production day? First, second, and third shifts? Weekends?
  2. Do you believe your compressed air system meets all process demand requirements at the highest efficiency possible?
  3. Is the quality of your compressed air negatively affecting your production? Has the financial impact ever been estimated?
  4. Are there product quality issues that could be traced back to air quality, quantity or pressure?
  5. Have you experienced any system downtime due to compressed air? Was the cost per hour ever calculated?
  6. Would you say your system pressure fluctuates or is very stable during the production day? Would stable pressure be a benefit to your process?
  7. Has your plant output kept up with your compressor capacity? If the compressor capacity has grown faster than the output, why?
  8. Do you realize that an extra psi of pressure could easily require 20%, 30% or 40% more energy if it turns on another compressor?
  9. Have you ever evaluated your entire compressed air system to ensure that it is operating at peak performance? Leak loads on plants typically range from 10-40% of the entire load. Where in that range is your plant?
  10. How much would 20-50% of your current operating costs mean to the company’s bottom line? Given your existing profit margins, how many more unit sales would the facility have to do to realize those same profits?